Package org.psepr.jClient

Interface Summary
EventReceiver When a PsEPR event is received and it has been parse, it must be given to someone for processing.
LeaseWatcher Interface that is called when the state of the lease changes.
PayloadParser When a PsEPR event is received, there must be an instance of this interface registered for the payload namespace that will parse the payload and create a payload object.
RouterManager A class implmenets this interface to manage the routers that the connection can connect to.

Class Summary
Base64.InputStream A Base64.InputStream will read data from another, given in the constructor, and encode/decode to/from Base64 notation on the fly.
Base64.OutputStream A Base64.OutputStream will write data to another, given in the constructor, and encode/decode to/from Base64 notation on the fly.
ConnectionHandler This class makes a connection to the PsEPR system.
DebugListener A listener that is connected into the input and output streams for debugging.
DebugLogger Debug logger used in jClient package.
EventExtension Class to handle the interface between the Smack packet extensions and the PsEPR events.
ExpireExtension Extension to insert the Jabber expire information into the packet.
LeaseCollection This handles the collection of leases for the connection.
LeaseHandler Create a single lease and keep an eye on it and call back if it fails.
LeaseManager The template for a lease manager.
ParamFile Read and process a parameter file.
PayloadGeneric Parser that returns the payload as a string containing the XML.
PsEPRConnection Connection to the PsEPR infrastructure.
PsEPREvent The object that holds a received event.
PsEPRLease Manage a lease on a channel.
PsEPRRouter The parameters that make up a Router.
PsEPRServiceIdentity Class to hold the identity of the service.
SendOneEvent Routines for sending one event.
SimpleLeaseManager The simple lease manager tries to manage a lease of a fixed duration and, when the end of the lease nears, to request a new lease of that duration again.
SimpleRouterManager Simple router manager that reads the list of routers from the configuration file and keeps connection information information in a file.
SimpleRouterManagerRouter Extends the basic PsEPRRouter definition with some flags used by the SimpleRouteManager.

Exception Summary